Earth and High Heaven

Persephone Books republishes books, usually by mid-twentieth-century women writers. They are known for their signature smooth grey covers, and for being gripping portraits of domestic life. I have long adored many of these books, and was honoured when asked to write the Preface to Earth and High Heaven. This is a classic Romeo and Juliet story set against the appalling, deeply entrenched anti-semitism of 1940s Montreal. It was first published in 1944, when it was a worldwide bestseller, but, of course, it still feels uncomfortably relevant today.

Park Notes: an anthology of writing and art inspired by a London park

This beautiful collection blends Sarah Pickstone’s exquisite paintings of Regent’s Park and women writers of the past, with contemporary essays and stories about the park and these writers’ relationship with them. It includes my essay about George Eliot, alongside pieces by Marina Warner, Ali Smith, Lara Feigel, Olivia Laing and Iain Sinclair.